P11216: Wandering Campus Ambassador (part 6)

Engineering Specifications

Engineering Spec. # Importance Source Specification (description) Unit of Measure Marginal Value Ideal Value Comments/Status
ES1 1 CN4 Range of physical deterrence Ft .5 2
ES2 1 CN4 Pressure from physical deterrence kPa 100 200
ES3 1 CN4 Duration of physical deterrence S 5 20
ES4 2 CN5, P11215 Switch for turning alarm off Binary Y Y
ES5 2 CN7 Charging plug is easily accessible Binary Y Y
ES6 2 CN7 Time to charge battery Hr 5 3
ES7 3 CN6 Shelter is water proof Binary N Y
ES8 3 CN6 Only WA can enter shelter Binary Y Y
ES9 1 CN20,CN21,CN22,CN23,CN24,CN25,CN26,CN27 Has personality Binary N Y
ES10 1 CN19 Does not bump into people/objects Things bumped/hour 6 0
ES11 2 CN17 GPS operation - GUI Selectable Binary N Y
ES12 2 CN12 Connect to robot through internet Binary N Y
ES13 1 CN18 Does not fall off ledges Ledges fallen off/day 1 0
ES14 1 CN1 Increased Sonar Coverage Percent 0 100
ES15 1 CN2 Varying sizes of plants can be carried. Binary Y Y
ES16 1 CN3 Determine force required to activate sensor Binary Y Y
ES17 2 CN8 Ability to collect and store water Binary N Y
ES18 1 CN9 QNX Loaded Binary Y Y
ES19 1 CN10 Sensor Input Stored in Registers Binary Y Y
ES20 2 CN11 Virtual Machine Created Binary Y Y
ES21 1 CN13 Senses when plant soil moisture is low Binary Y Y
ES22 2 CN14 Seeks out light Binary N Y
ES23 2 CN15 Seeks out other plants Binary N Y
ES24 2 CN16 Monitor Battery Power Binary N Y
ES25 2 CN16 Charge battery if power level is low Binary N Y
ES26 1 CN20 Number of personalities/modes Number 3 7
ES27 1 CN13 Waters plant when plant soil moisture is low Binary Y Y
ES28 1 CN28 Wheels can be controlled independently Binary Y Y
ES29 1 CN29 Additional plants can be mounted to Wandering Ambassador Binary Y Y

P11215 Engineering Specifications (also applicable)

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