P11216: Wandering Campus Ambassador (part 6)

Risk Management


ID Risk Item Effect Cause Likelihood Severity Importance(L*S) Action to Minimize Risk Owner
RT1 Robot not built on time Incomplete MSD project Poor planning, procrastination 3 10 30 Create Detailed MSD II schedule and hold to it Team
RT2 Parts dont arrive on time Incomplete MSD project Parts ordered too late, distributor error, poor planning 8 8 64 Place orders early Team
RT3 Underestimating time needed for development Schedule lag Overconfidence in language/design 6 4 24 Working to stay on schedule, weekly status reports Joe, Phil, Dave
RT4 Team member unavailable to work Schedule lag, more workload for other members Family emergency, major sickness 2 8 16 No real action available, try to get work done in advance Team


ID Risk Item Effect Cause Likelihood Severity Importance(L*S) Action to Minimize Risk Owner
RP1 Loss of a teammate Higher workload for team remaining Injury, illness, withdrawl 3 10 30 Outsource or redistribute workload Team
RP2 Project over-budget All project items not completed Poor planning 5 8 40 Attempt to get free materials, use low-cost solutions Team
RP3 Robot gets vandalized Missing components, impaired function Poor anti-vandalism measures 8 7 56 Secure robot when not in use Team
RP4 Plant gets stolen Alarm goes off for extended period of time. Plant likely dies. Poor anti-vandalism measures 5 10 50 Secure robot and plant when not in use Team
RP5 Plant dies Mission failure Incorrect plant care protocol / plant care system failure 6 10 60 Use a robust plant type Team
RP6 Plant overgrows backpack Robot too heavy / plant interferes with robot operation Plant care success / poor plant grooming 2 4 8 Choose proper plant Team
RP7 Adverse outdoor weather Plant in jeopardy Poor observation of weather conditions 10 7 70 Tweet that it wants to come indoors Team
RP8 P11215 not done with deliverables Extra work for P11216 P11215 6 8 48 Ensure P11215 is working Team


ID Risk Item Effect Cause Likelihood Severity Importance(L*S) Action to Minimize Risk Owner
RM1 Blind spot in sensor view Robot cannot see everything Inefficient sensor placement 4 5 20 Redesign sensor placement to avoid as many blind spots as possible Nick, Anna
RM2 Water reservoir tank empties Plant cannot be watered, and water jet cannot function Water jet consumed too much water, improper monitoring of plant and reservoir water levels 7 5 35 Make sure sensor in reservoir tank works properly and robot knows what to do if it runs low; include a separate reservoir tank for water jet. Team
RM3 Vibrations cause adjustable plant holder to not function Plant doesn't stay in holder Improper design 3 8 24 Design adjustable plant holder with large factor of safety for vibration; Perform statics and dynamics equations Nick, Anna
RM4 Vibrations in the sonar holds Unstable readings; robot doesn't notice obstacles/crashed into them Not very effective design 3 10 30 Test sonar holds after built and make them more reliable if necessary. Nick, Anna
RM5 No bump sensor on back Robot runs into obstacle or person Does not know to stop 6 10 60 Install bump sensor on back of robot Nick, Anna


ID Risk Item Effect Cause Likelihood Severity Importance(L*S) Action to Minimize Risk Owner
RE1 Bump Detection Failure Continues to apply power on impact Poor Design of bump detection system 4 10 40 Fail-safe current draw trip Rui, Ken
RE2 I2C not functional Software unable to get sensor readings Bad chip, lack of support in QNX 4 9 36 Making new chip, looking into how I2C works within QNX Ken, Rui
RE3 Direct sunlight affecting the robot Components to stop working Improper sensing of the outside conditions of the robot 5 10 50 Use temperature sensors on the outside of the Wandering Ambassador Rui
RE4 LEDs on solar panel popping Robot cannot be seen in the dark Too much power 5 3 15 Use larger LEDs or multiple resistors Rui


ID Risk Item Effect Cause Likelihood Severity Importance(L*S) Action to Minimize Risk Owner
RS1 Major software incompatibility Revamp of entire software architecture OS/I2C failures 10 7 70 Plan accordingly for it to work, perform testing Joe, Phil, Dave
RS2 Robot fails to safely navigate among crowds Robot runs into people Careless observers / inadequate obstacle avoidance system 3 10 30 Robot moves slowly, in case of suspected problem robot will stop Team
RS3 Software crashes while roving Robot stops working / requires reboot Software / electrical instability 2 10 20 Extensive testing; watchdog system Joe, Phil, Dave, Rui, Ken
RS4 Software not able to move robot Incomplete MSD project Lack of understanding of hardware, bad connections 2 10 20 Work with other team members to have a better understanding of motor functions Team

P11215 Risk Management (also applicable)

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