P11216: Wandering Campus Ambassador (part 6)

Software Detailed Design Review Action Items, Issues, and Decisions

Meeting Purpose: Software Design Review for the Wandering Ambassador (Part 6) project (P11216).

Materials to be Reviewed:

  1. Project Description
  2. Sensor Information
  3. Safety Concerns
  4. Updated UML Designs
  5. Updated Sequence Diagrams


Recorded By: Anna Gilgur

Meeting Date: January 28, 2011

Previous Open Action Items Reviewed: None

Discussion: None

Action Items

Item # Description Responsible Due Date Status/Comments
A201 Create pseudo-code for detailed design review Dave, Joe, Phil 2/4/2011
A202 Define hardware interface protocol Dave, Joe, Phil 2/4/2011 Need to pull info from P11215 docs
A203 Test wheel encoding consistency Ken, Rui, P11215 2/4/2011 P11215 is unsure of completion date
A204 Define internal structure of CalculateMove Dave, Joe, Phil 2/4/2011
A205 Add heartbeats to diagrams Dave, Joe, Phil 2/4/2011

Issues: No new issues


Item # Description Contributing Individuals Decision Date Status/Comments
D201 Exiting Angry personality P11215, P11216 1/28/2011 Will exit once button is held down again
D202 Delegate alarm/sprinkler/bump sensor activation to Beagleboard P11215, P11216 1/28/2011
D203 Separate light sensor from other plant sensors to allow more frequent updates Dave, Joe, Phil, Ken 2/19/2011

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