P11216: Wandering Campus Ambassador (part 6)

Software System Design Review Action Items, Issues, and Decisions

Meeting Purpose: Software Design Review for the Wandering Ambassador (Part 6) project (P11216).

Materials to be Reviewed:

  1. Project Description
  2. Risks
  3. Critical Customer Needs – Software
  4. Critical Engineering Specifications – Software
  5. Proposed Software Design
  6. Example Use Cases
  7. Example Sequence Diagrams
  8. Tentative Schedule
  9. Personality Framework
  10. Sonar Placement


Recorded By:Anna Gilgur

Meeting Date: January 21, 2011

Previous Open Action Items Reviewed: None

Discussion: None

Action Items

Item # Description Responsible Due Date Status/Comments
A101 Make UML diagram more specific Dave, Joe, Phil 1/26/2011 Be more specific about class collaboration, differentiating between input and output data paths, class functions/descriptions, etc
A101 Revise UML to utilize watchdog pattern for extra safety Dave, Joe, Phil 1/26/2011 Add an extra "watchdog" package that will check for the life of the sensor data readers
A102 Add timing intervals to sequence diagrams/specifications Dave, Joe, Phil 1/26/2011 Collaborate with hardware team to come up with a standard cycle time protocol to help with watchdog security
A103 Get board hooked up to the robot so manual control can be tested Ken, Rui 1/31/2011
A104 Add some security to the diagnostic personality Dave, Joe, Phil 1/26/2011 We want to prevent unauthorized access to the diagnostic mode
A105 Document servo/ultrasound/performance protocol Ken, Joe, Nick 1/28/2011 Who is commanding what, and who is receiving what? Document exact interface to control the servos and ultrasound sensors, and what kind of data they will return
A106 Find spot to mount temperature sensor P11215, Anna, Nick 2/4/2011 The temperature sensor currently does not have a place to be mounted. Find out where it should go and work up a harness for it
A107 Find spot to mount light sensor P11215, Anna, Nick 2/4/2011
A108 Need a test plan for EE/CE side Rui, Ken 1/31/2011
A109 Get internet set up Dave, Joe, Phil 1/28/2011 Working with QNX representative


Item # Description Responsible Status/Comments
I101 Display not working with QNX Dave, Joe, Phil The SE team is working with a QNX expert to help resolve this issue
I102 Networking not working in QNX Dave, Joe, Phil The SE team is working with a QNX expert to help resolve this issue
I103 Software design could have more safety checking Dave, Joe, Phil Look into the addition of watchdog pattern to design
I104 One of the IR sensors is broken Rui A pin broke off, but it is repairable; We can also buy additional IR sensors
I105 IR data might spike randomly Ken Need to average received data over time to prevent false positives
I106 Temperature ADC values are wrong Ken Conversion of raw data is wrong
I107 Light sensor ADC values are wrong Ken Conversion of raw data is wrong
I108 I2C not working due to hardware issue Ken, Rui Something wrong with the board itself that is preventing I2C from working; Resolved. I2C is now working.


Item # Description Contributing Individuals Decision Date Status/Comments
D101 Decide if QNX should be substituted for Angstrom on the BeagleBoard Dave, Joe, Ken, Phil 2/5/2011 Ongoing
D102 Touch screen controls Dave, Joe, Ken, Phil 2/19/2011 Ongoing
D103 GPS coordinates selectable Dave, Joe, Phil 2/19/2011 Will probably be hard-coded at first. Dependent on D102
D104 Split up responsibilities of the interpreters Dave, Joe, Phil 2/5/2011 Will be dependent on both which MSP430 is required and the update interval for a sensor
D105 Develop a simulation environment Dave, Joe, Phil 2/19/2011 Will be developed if the hardware is not yet functional
D106 Develop the ability to "remember" previous locations Dave, Joe, Phil 3/19/2011 Will be considered if all other aspects of development are running smoothly

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