P11216: Wandering Campus Ambassador (part 6)

Week 5 System Design Review Action Items, Issues, and Decisions

Meeting Purpose: System Level design of mechanical and electrical portions of the Wandering Ambassador (Part 6) project (P11216)

Materials to be Reviewed:

  1. Project Description
  2. Current System Design - Mechanical
  3. Risk Assessment - Mechanical
  4. Current System Design - Electrical
  5. Risk Assessment - Electrical
  6. Integration Plan
  7. Customer Needs
  8. Engineering Specifications
  9. Proposed System Additions - Mechanical
  10. Concept Selection Review - Mechanical
  11. Personality Framework Outline


Recorded By:Anna Gilgur

Meeting Date: January 14, 2011

Previous Open Action Items Reviewed: None

Discussion: When Dr. Walter and William Spath met with Anna and Nick, there was discussion about what pumps and valves to use with the water sprinkler and what pressure would be required for those. There was also a brief conversation about additional implements that can be used for the adjustable plant holder if that moves forward.

Action Items

Item # Description Responsible Due Date Status/Comments
A001 Prioritize Tasks/tests Team Ongoing
A002 Contact Sandra Turner, Terra McAndrew, or Stan Rickle regarding adjustable plant holder Nick 1/18/2011 Adjustable plant holder is wanted for the front of the robot. Possibly implement smaller plants all around robot as well.
A003 Work on and complete Software Design Review Joe, Dave, Phil 1/19/2011 Completed and presented. Now working on Detailed Software Design Review
A004 Work on and complete preliminary sonar improvement ideas Nick, Anna, Ken, Rui 1/19/2011 Preliminary sonar improvement ideas presented and OK'd.
A005 Figure out how to make sprinkler 180 degrees Nick, Anna 2/9/2011 Use two windshield wiper sprinklers angled to get 180 degree spray
A006 Decide if decision making of the sensors should be moved to the beagleboard Ken, Rui 1/19/2011 Completed. The decision making will be moved.
A007 Decide which sensors are needed/working Ken, Rui 1/25/2011 Completed. Details are located here
A008 Look into commercial systems for the plant Nick, Anna 1/19/2011 Completed. Decided to not get a commercial system due to implementation time, and the fact that it would remove a major purpose of the Wandering Ambassador
A009 Research other physical deterrence systems Nick, Anna 1/19/2011 Completed. Decided to not do other physical deterrence systems because they do not make use of the current design.
A010 Figure out what's needed to get the sprinkler to work Nick, Anna 2/9/2011
A011 Determine weight of plant needed to depress button P1115, Nick, Anna 1/31/2011
A012 Look into possibly getting a color-display for the personalities Team 2/9/2011
A013 Look into getting a warning sign about being sprayed with water Team 2/9/2011
A014 Decide when/where the robot is going to be running Team 1/19/2011 Completed
A015 Update EDGE/Schedule Team, Anna Ongoing


Item # Description Responsible Status/Comments
I001 Sprinkler at 360 degrees will get electrical box wet Nick, Anna Going to make sprinkler 180 degrees and install a shield to protect electrical box
I002 Adjustable plant holder gets rid of the current design Nick, Anna Confirming with customer that he wants an adjustable plant holder, then discussing with guide/team next steps and if it's feasible to change the holder.
I003 Indiana Jones button is too stiff for the current plant P11215, Nick, Anna Testing force needed to depress button and making changed to button/plant
I004 Water running too low in reservoir with the sprinkler Nick, Anna Monitor water level; make sure amount of water used during physical deterrence is minimum and does not deplete water supply
I005 Thoughts on what is meant by adjustable plant holder are incorrect Nick Confirmed. Customer wants adjustable plant holder that can hold more than one size plant.
I006 How to get the water to the sprinkler Nick, Anna Pump and valves. Working on getting design of system.


Item # Description Contributing Individuals Decision Date Status/Comments
D001 Modify sprinkler so it only sprays 180 degrees Nick, Anna 1/14/2011
D002 Install shield for extra safety from water Nick, Anna 1/14/2011
D003 Create prioritized task list Team 1/14/2011 Ongoing
D004 Sonar layout Nick, Anna 1/17/2011 Completed
D005 Don't use commercial system for taking care of plant Nick, Anna 1/15/2011 Would take too much time to implement. Would be removing a major purpose of the Wandering Ambassador.
D006 Use sprinkler-system for physical deterrence Nick, Anna 1/15/2011 Other physical deterrence systems do not make use of current robot design
D007 Determine what is needed(specifically) for the sprinkler and make decision on what to buy for that Nick, Anna 1/31/2011
D008 Weight of plant needed to depress button P11215, Nick, Anna 1/31/2011
D009 Color-display option for personalities Team 2/9/2011 Implemented by the LCD if there is time/feasibility to do so
D010 Warning sign about being sprayed with water Team 1/15/2011 Low priority, will make something to go on robot warning of water spray/loud alarm if plant is stolen
D011 Times/locations robot will be running Team 1/15/2011 During the day in confined area on campus
D012 Decide if decision making of the sensors should be moved to the beagleboard Ken, Rui 1/19/2011 Completed. The decision making is going to be moved.
D013 Decide which sensors are needed/working. Ken, Rui 1/19/2011 Completed. Details are located here

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