P11217: Golf Robot

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Goal Statement

"The robot requested must be able to deliver a golf ball to a given set of target coordinates on a golf green. Equipment may not be permanently stationed on the green itself and interference with the surrounding area should be kept at a minimum in order to make access to the green easier. In order to complete these objectives, the robot must be able to wirelessly communicate with a PC at a distance of at least 100 feet for the purposes of receiving target coordinates and sending a 'task completed' signal during each round, navigate to the received coordinates with a margin of error less than two feet, move freely across a golf green (flat, short grass, ~30 foot diameter), and carry and drop a golf ball at the target coordinates."

Key Positions

Project Manager
Cory Gregory (cxg5230@rit.edu)
Lead Engineer
John Gutmann (jgutmann340@gmail.com)
Derek Hugo (dxh1757@rit.edu)
Customer Needs Representative
Karikalan Thirumavalavan (kxt4887@rit.edu)
Software Representative
Jason Thrush (jdt0158@rit.edu)

Work Breakdown Categories

Due Dates in Parenthesis
  1. Project Management
    • MSD I Project Plan (WQ: Week 3)
    • Team Norms and Values (WQ: Week 3)
    • MSD II Project Plan (WQ: Week 11)
  2. Design Generation
    • Needs and Specs Homework Assignment (WQ: Week 2)
    • Customer Needs (WQ: Week 3)
    • Engineering Specifications (WQ: Week 3)
    • Customer Involvement Homework Assignment (WQ: Week 3)
    • Concept Generation and Evaluation (WQ: Week 3)
    • Concept Improvement and Selection (WQ: Week 3)
  3. System Design
    • System Analysis (WQ: Week 5)
    • System Design (WQ: Week 5)
    • Risk Assessment of System Design Phase (WQ: Week 5)
    • System Design Review (WQ: Week 5)
  4. Detailed Design
    • Bill of Materials (WQ: Week 9)
    • Drawings/Schematics (WQ: Week 9)
    • Feasibility Analysis (WQ: Week 9)
    • Risk Assessment of Detailed Design Phase (WQ: Week 9)
    • Detailed Design Review (WQ: Week 9)
  5. Development/Testing
    • Chassis Development (SQ: Week 7)
    • Chassis Testing (SQ: Week 7)
    • Sensor Development (SQ: Week 7)
    • Sensor Testing (SQ: Week 7)
    • Camera Development (SQ: Week 7)
    • Camera Testing (SQ: Week 7)
    • Communication System Development (SQ: Week 7)
    • Communication System Testing (SQ: Week 7)
    • Beacon Development (SQ: Week 7)
    • Beacon Testing (SQ: Week 7)
    • Ball-Placement Mechanism Development (SQ: Week 7)
    • Ball-Placement Mechanism Testing (SQ: Week 7)
  6. Presentation/Documentation
    • Function and Performance Review (SQ: Week 9)
    • Project Poster (SQ: Week 9)
    • Poster Session (SQ: Week 9)
    • ImagineRIT Exhibit (SQ: Week 9)
    • Technical Paper (SQ: Week 10)
    • Project Review (SQ: Week 10)

Budget: $2000 + funds generated from fund-raising