P11221: Noise Reduction for Internal Combustion Engine


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Lawnmower Engine

Lawnmower Engine

The auto industry is currently increasing the focus on the reduction of noise emitted from an internal combustion engine. For consumer vehicles it is largely an issue of comfort and convenience but for performance competitions with noise restrictions and requirements, such as the SAE Formula competition, it can be an issue of meeting competition requirements while limiting performance degradation. The focus of this project is to develop an active, passive, or hybrid mechanical and/or electrical noise attenuating system with minimal engine performance degradation.

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The original scope of the project was to create a noise dissipation system for the Formula SAE car. The logistics of coordination and implementation was determined too eager, so a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine will be used.

The project explored absorption type mufflers for the lawnmower engine and a resonator demonstration module. Both of these systems were presented at the ImagineRIT fair May 7, 2011.

The ANC system was investigated by another Senior Design Team (P11227).


Project is closed and considered a success. Follow on projects are encouraged to familiarize themselves with important project reference materials including the Technical Paper and Test Reports as well as the "ANC Packet", all of which can be found below. Further questions can be directed to Christopher Morehouse at csm9555@rit.edu through the fall quarter of 2011.

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Noise Reduction for Internal Combustion Engine
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Ed Hanzlik
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Ed Hanzlik
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