P11227: Formula Exhause Acoustic Tuning


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During everyday life, there many objects that create noises that are loud and annoying. Developing an active noise cancellation system, the sound level of just about anything can be theoretically be reduced to a level comparable to a soft conversation by using a signal processor and a speaker. The signal processor would filter or invert an inputted signal from a sound generating source and outputs the developed signal through the speaker where it should cancel the original noise. This project will outline the technology behind difficulties of Active Noise Cancellation.

Mission Statement

The mission of P11227 is to design and develop an electronic active noise canceling system to reduce the sound level emitted from a variety of sound emitting sources that may be commonly found in day to day use.

Project Status (5/17/2011)

  • Successful Proof of Concept- Electronic sound cancellation
  • Cancelled up to 8dB on complex sound sources (music) in ideal set up
  • Unable to program DSP successfully
  • Cancellation using DSP achieved 3dB reduction at very low volume (higher volume caused feedback and clipping issues)

Moving Forward

  • Microphone selection to eliminate feedback and clipping
  • DSP properly programmed
  • Gather as much professional input as possible- Sound experts
Project Name
Formula Exhaust Acoustic Tuning
Project Number
Vehicle Systems
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Faculty Guide
George Slack
Faculty Consultant
Edward Hanzlik
Alan Nye
George Slack
Primary Customer
Edward Hanzlik, P11221

The Team

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Kyle Desrosiers- ME, Team Lead
Brad Fiedler- EE
Chris VanWagenen- EE
Greg Wodzicki- EE

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