P11231: UAV Image Integration & Performance

Identify Customer Needs

Needs Summary
Need Description Importance
CN1 The plane flies reliably. 1
CN2 The plane supports a payload. 1
CN3 The plane is robust. 2
CN4 The plane can fly long flights. 2
CN5 The plane is stable in flight. 2
CN6 The plane flies many flights without maintenance. 2
CN7 The total plane weight is within legal restrictions. 1
CN8 The model can be used to implement a control system. 1
CN9 The model can be used for aircraft simulation. 1
CN10 The model solutions can be compared to flight data. 2
CN11 The camera can be actuated. 2
CN12 The camera is interchangeable. 2
CN13 The camera connects to the controller. 3
CN14 The camera is protected in a crash. 2
CN15 The controller connects to all sensors. 2
CN16 The controller is expandable. 2
CN17 The controller is firmly seated. 1
CN18 The controller can withstand a crash. 2
CN19 Data acquired by the controller can be verified. 2
CN20 The controller is protected in a crash. 2
CN21 The controller fits in the airframe. 1
CN22 GPS, air pressure/speed, IMU, and air temperature measurements are accurate. 1
Importance Scale: 1=Must Have, 2=Nice to Have, 3=Preference Only