P11232: UAV Air Frame C.1

Generate Product Concepts

Aerodynamic Concepts


-NACA 9412- Airfoil used by UAV Airframe C

-NACA 7412- Less cambered airfoil

-NACA 5412- Less camber then 7412

-E423- Heavily cambered airfoil

-Other cambered airfoil

-Clark Y- Flat Bottom Airfoil


-Candy Bar Wing- Flat rectangular wing

-Dihedral- Wing has a slight upward angle

-Swept Wings- Wing tips are behind the wing’s root

-Tapered Wing- Wing with a longer cord at wing root than at the tip.

-Aspect Ratio- Ratio of the wing cord to span.

Material Concepts


-Stringer- Balsa formers with stringers and a monokote covering

-Sheeting- Balsa formers with sheeted sides and monokote covering

-Fiberglass- Balsa formers with sheeted sides and fiberglass covering


-Balsa Build-up- Balsa ribs with stringers and monokote covering

-Balsa Sheeting- Balsa ribs with balsa sheeting and monokote

-Balsa Fiberglass- Balsa ribs with sheeting and fiberglass covering

-Foam Fiberglass- Foam core with fiberglass covering

-FOLSA- Pro- Foam core with balsa sheeting and fiberglass covering

-Foam Carbon Fiber- Foam core with carbon fiber covering

-Hybrid- Foam leading edge with balsa sheeting back and fiberglass covering


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