P11232: UAV Air Frame C.1

Identify Customer Needs

Customer Needs

Outlined below are the customer needs for the design of a robust aerial platform. The following customer concerns were summarized to conform to those expressed in the project proposal.

1. Iterate the design of Airframe C (P10232) to obtain a new airframe that incorporates minimal design deviations but is primarily robust and still able to achieve UAV flight requirements.

2. The new design, Airframe X-4, must be designed to be a test mule for future testing, experimentation and research projects for remote aerial imagery.

3. Airframe X-4 must possess the ability to withstand testing and flight exercises with minimum maintenance.

4. Airframe X-4 must be capable of flight in an adequate R/C airfield under reasonable weather conditions.

5. Airframe X-4 must have flight characteristics similar to that of a trainer style aircraft.

6. Airframe X-4 must be capable of at least 100 hours of total flight time.

7. Airframe X-4 must be capable of sustaining a controlled steady flight for at least 30 minutes.

8. Airframe X-4 must be capable of reaching an altitude of 400ft while complying with AMA regulations.

9. Airframe X-4 must be capable of supporting a 15 lb payload with relative ease.

10. Airframe X-4 must be capable of easy integration with the imaging system payload designed by P11231.

11. The total weight of the aircraft including all components and payload must not exceed 50 lbs.

12. The budget costs associated with the design and construction of Airframe X-4 must not exceed $3,000.

13. Design deviations from Airframe C for Airframe X-4 must be justified.


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