P11232: UAV Air Frame C.1

Mission Statement

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Collecting Project Background Raw Data

Interviews previously conducted by P10232 and P09232.

Interview with Dr. Kolodziej by P10232, project customer.

Interview with Mr. Anand Badgujar by P09232, a police officer.

Interview with Mr. Steve McLoud by P09232, a police officer.

Interview with Mr. Dave Wardall by P09232, a firefighter.

Interview with John Desch Associates by P09232, an accident reconstructionist.

Interview with Mr. Len DiPaolo by P09232, a real estate agent.

Interactions with Sponsors

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

The project objective for P11232 is to design and built a robust airframe that has a life cycle of 100 hrs. The aerodynamics of the design need to be such that it supports up to a fifteen pound payload and a flight time of thirty minutes.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

-Robust structure capable of a life cycle of 100 hrs.

-Support a fifteen pound payload.

-Have a thirty minute flight time, preferally using an electric motor.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

RIT College of Imaging Science
Currently the College of Imaging Science rents Cessnas for aerial imaging which costs up to $8000 per mission. The goal of this project is to develop a lower cost and more versatile solution while accomplishing the same imaging capabilities.

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Law Enforcement

Fire Departments

Aerial Research

Large Scale RC Aircraft Hobbyists

Assumptions and Constraints

-55 lbs gross plane weight set by AMA

-400' maximum altitute set by FAA and AMA

-Use Airframe C as a baseline design


-Twenty-two week timeline


RIT College of Imaging Science

RIT Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Hensel

Dr. Kolodziej

Law Enforcement

Fire Departments

Aerial Researchers

RC Aircraft Hobbyists

Previous Senior Design Teams

Future Senior Design Teams

RIT Aero Design Club

Impact - Mike Koelemay



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