P11232: UAV Air Frame C.1

Test Plan

Final Documentation

Test Phase I

Skip test the plane starting with no payload and adding payload in 3 lb increments until 15 lbs has been achieved. These test will ensure that the plane is capable of take-off with payload.

Test Phase II

Fly the plane on short circuits. These will be to allow the pilot to get comfortable with the handling of the plane and to make any necessary adjustments. These tests will again start with no payload and will only increase after the plane has successfully passed Phase I of the testing for a given weight.

Test Phase III

This will be to test the endurance of the plane. It will start based on the results of Phase II and the amount of batter charge drawn on those flights to predict how much flight time we should achieve. The flight times will slowly increase in 5-10 min increments for a given payload until a full 30-min flight has been achieved.


Completion of testing will occur when the plane has successfully passed all three phases of testing with a 15 lb payload.