P11241: Smart Data Collectioin


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The mission of the Smart Energy Data Collection project is to collect and analyze electrical and thermal energy usage data in selected buildings on the RIT campus. Using the collected data, RIT Facilities Management Services will be able to make better informed decisions in running the campus building systems as well as make the building users accountable for their energy use. This will allow RIT to become a leader in sustainability and greatly reduce costs and energy consumption.

The Smart Data Collection Project will gather relevant energy usage data from select buildings on the RIT Campus. Currently, RIT uses several different systems to control building HVAC systems to obtain energy usage data. However, the current automated systems provide no insight into the efficiency of the buildings or how they relate to one another and similar buildings throughout the state. This project will collect thermal and electrical energy usage data and organize it into a presentable form providing an index with which the buildings can be compared. Using the collected data, the Smart Energy Data Collection system will also provide users with the relevant trends of the buildings thermal and electrical data in addition to ambient conditions. This data collection and analysis system will provide for a more sustainable and efficient campus. The end goal of this project is to seamlessly integrate the data observations and trends into the software packages currently in use by Facilities Management Services.

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Smart Energy Data Collection
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Novel Smart Building Systems
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Ron Amberger
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Timothy Vann - Facilities Management Services
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Rick Lux
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Facilities Management Services

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