P11251: Side Entry Agitator Test Stand


P11251 Side Entry Agitator Test Stand: Project Summary Project Information

Side entry agitators are used in various industries to mix fluids to yield a desired process result. This can include blending two miscible liquids, suspending solids off the bottom of the vessel and/or dispersing a gas stream fed directly in front of the impeller.
Typical Side Entry Agitator.

Typical Side Entry Agitator.

The side entry agitator is typically installed near the bottom of the vessel with the impeller blades located at a clearance of 9 to 12 inches off bottom. The impeller can either be mounted so it's horizontal to the tank bottom or at an angle pointing down towards the tank bottom (typically 5 degrees). Many styles of agitators exist and they can be used for light duty (i.e. blending water-like fluids) or for heavy duty (i.e. paper stock blending). Depending on the fluid being mixed, a different level of fluid forces acting on the blades will exist, thus changing the design requirements (i.e. torque, bending moment, thrust). LIGHTNIN has tabulated design factors for different applications. It is our desire to be able to take test impellers and actually quantify these numbers using current technology (i.e. load cells, computer analysis, etc.). It's also desired to see if the fluid force can be scaled from one scale to another.

See Project Readiness Package for more detailed information.

Project Name
Side Entry Agitator Test Stand
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Modular Scalable Systems and Controls
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Bill Nowak
(585) 422-4822
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SPX Flow Technology
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Richard O. Kehn - "ROK"
Senior Technologist - Mixing
SPX Flow Technology
(585) 527-1477

Project Team Members

L to R: Dennis Beatty, Kurt Lutz, Daniel Geiyer, Richard Kehn, Bill Nowak, Greg McCarthy, Joe Bunjevac

L to R: Dennis Beatty, Kurt Lutz, Daniel Geiyer, Richard Kehn, Bill Nowak, Greg McCarthy, Joe Bunjevac

Member Role Contact
Kurt Lutz PM/M.E. krl9135@rit.edu
Dennis Beatty M.E. deb7950@rit.edu
Joseph Bunjevac M.E. jab7429@rit.edu
Daniel Geiyer M.E. dmg3588@rit.edu
Gregory McCarthy M.E. gmm6895@rit.edu

Project Summary Documents/Project Completion

P11251 System BOM REVISED

P11251 Detailed Design Review

P11251 System Level Design Review REVISED

Mission Statement

Operations Manual

P11251 FINAL Technical Paper (PDF)

P11251 FINAL Technical Paper (WORD)

P11251 Poster/Presentation

P11251 Week10 Project Review

As Delivered on 5/19/11.

As Delivered on 5/19/11.

MSD I, Winter 2010-2011

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Initial Concept Generation Plan

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P11251 Preliminary Gantt Chart

Risk Assessment/FMEA

P11251 System Level Design Review (1/14/11 - 12:30-2:00pm @ 09-44250)

P11251 Meeting System Level Design Review

P11251 System Level Design Review REVISED (1/28/11)

Detailed Design, Weeks 6-10

Supporting Documents Deliverables

P11251 DDR FMEA Revised

P11251 DDR Feasibility Analysis

P11251 Preliminary Test Plan

P11251 System Flow Chart

P11251 MSD II Schedule

P11251 Detailed Design Review

P11251 System BOM

P11251 DDR Meeting Minutes

Project Design File, Week 11

P11251 System BOM REVISED

P11251 System Model

Area/Concentration Status Sheet Model & Drawings Supporting Documentation
Physical Stand (Joe) Physical Stand Status See System Model Above

CAD Files are located at: DropBox File Sharing Utility

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Drawings are In-Progress

Sealing System (Dennis) Sealing System Status Sealing System SolidWorks Assembly

Mechanical Seal Drawing (jpeg file)

Mechanical Seal Drawing (dwg file)

Seal Flange Drawing Package

Tank Wall Flange Drawing Package

Retaining Ring Tank Side Drawing Package

Seal Side Retaining Ring Drawing Package

Support Rod Plate Mount Drawing Package

Support Rod Drawing Package

Mechanical Seal Price Quote

Mechanical Seal Brochure

Shaft, Motor & Impeller Integration (Greg) SMI Status SMI CAD Model

SMI Assembly Drawing

Impeller Shaft Drawing

5HP AC Motor Spec Sheet

Rigid Shaft Coupling Spec Sheet

VFD Spec Sheet

Tangential & Axial Force Measurement (Kurt) T & A Force Measurment Status Load Cell Assemblies (Futek/Lebow)

Motor Mount Plate Drawings

Load Cell Mount Plate Drawings

Support Pin Drawings

FUTEK Load Cell Spec Sheet

LEBOW Load Cell Spec Sheet

DAQ & Labview Coding (Dan) DAQ & Labview Status N/A Load Cell Measurement DAQ Card

Torque and RPM Measurement DAQ Card

USB Chassis for DAQ Cards

DAQ Schematic

MSD II, Spring 2011

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P11251 Imagine RIT Sign Up Sheet

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P11251 Week10 Project Review


Boot Vinyl and Cement Test

Motor Startup & VFD Configuration

Horizontal Angle Travel Test

Preliminary DAQ Calibration Test

Sealing Fluid Test

System Adjustability Test

Final DAQ Calibration Test

Final Poster & Technical Paper

P11251 FINAL Technical Paper

Final Project Review, Week 11

Operations Manual

Calibration VI

Measurement VI