P11251: Side Entry Agitator Test Stand

Individual Tasks & Responsibilities

P11251 Team & Individual Task Pad
Person Week 1->2 Week 2->3 Week 3->4 Holiday Break Period Week 5->6 Week 6->11
Team Tasks Customer Needs
Initial Planning/Review
Engineering Metrics
Update Edge/Add Data
10 Project Plan Milestones (Sticky)
Concept Generation Plan (EA Team Member)
HW Assignment
Info On Customer CD
Sketches of Overall Design
Which Group Your Interested in?
Assigned Project Design Areas/Basic Pencil Sketches
Questions for Sponsor and/or Adviser
See: Weekly Meeting Minutes
Kurt Lutz Create Pairwise Comparison
High Level Customer Needs
Team Norms & Values Draft
Adjust Pairwise Comparison
Update Customer Needs
Objective Tree & Post
Update Customer Needs
Update Pairwise Comparison
Identify Design Areas/Criteria Preliminary PUGH Matrix See: Weekly Meeting Minutes
Dennis Beatty HW assignment #1
Assist Pairwise Comparison & Needs
Create House of Quality Update House of Quality Finish House of Quality Upload PRAETO, Metrics, Pairwise & HoQ to Edge See: Weekly Meeting Minutes
Joseph Bunjevac HW Assignment #1
Assist Pairwise Comparison & Needs
Update progress on EDGE Edge Cleanup Assign Groups to Project Plan Finish assigning groups See: Weekly Meeting Minutes
Daniel Geiyer Review information from SPX
Assist Pairwise Comparison & Needs
Upload background information to EDGE
Benchmark for Side Entry Agitators
Create GANT Chart Template
Upload Customer Provided Media
Create Preliminary GANT Finish GANT Chart See: Weekly Meeting Minutes
Gregory McCarthy Update Customer Needs
Update & Post Meeting Minutes
Create Core Concepts
Options for Team Member Breakdown Plans
Edge Cleanup(Move Team Docs)
Update Individual Task List
Initial Project Plan
Add Syllabus Info
Update EDGE Content/Structure See: Weekly Meeting Minutes