P11251: Side Entry Agitator Test Stand

Mission Statement

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Project Background Information


MISSION STATEMENT: To create a side entry agitator test stand that allows the user to measure and calculate axial and tangential components of fluid forces, torque, and impeller speed involved on the agitator, impeller, and shaft, incorporating a wide range of adjustable parameters.

Product Description

Side Entry Agitators are a classification of “mixer” where the shaft protrudes through the side wall of the tank, as opposed to a Top Entry Mixer where the shaft enters the fluid from the top of the tank. They are most commonly used in very large, under floor tanks where little headroom is available. Typically they are less costly than Top Entry Mixers since they require less motor torque to agitate the fluid. However, they do require approximately three to five times the amount of power as a Top Entry Mixer to achieve similar mixing results.

Typical Side Entry Mixer Shown

Typical Side Entry Mixer Shown

Both Side Entry & Top Entry Agitator’s rely heavily on impeller selection to provide the desired mixing results. Lightnin manufactures a variety of impellers comprised of different diameters/physical sizes and blade profiles. For Top Entry Agitators they are able to calculate the involved fluid forces and thrust using a previously developed Top Entry Test Ring that utilizes: Load Cells & LabView data acquisition/control.

However, they currently have no way to benchmark these same impellers for Side Entry Agitation. This vulnerability creates a very unscientific “trail & error” process for specifying Side Entry Applications & Requirements. Our Mission is to create a test-rig that allows reliable measurement, through a range of adjustability, using similar concepts to their Top Entry Test Rig. This is complicated by a different array of: bending moments, torque and fluid forces. In the future this test-rig should be very beneficial to our customer allowing them benchmark existing and future impeller designs for Side Entry Applications.


SPX Flow Technology, Lightnin Mixers
Richard O. Kehn - "ROK"
Senior Technologist - Mixing

William J. Nowak
Principal Engineer, BGO/XIG/XRCW/OSL/Media & Mechatronic Systems
Xerox Corporation

KGCOE Team P11251, Side Entry Agitator Test Stand

Kurt Lutz:PM/ME
Dennis Beatty: ME
Joseph Bunjevac: ME
Daniel Geiyer: ME
Gregory McCarthy: ME

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

-Provide SPX/Lightnin with a Side Entry Agitator Test Rig that fulfills their Customer Needs & Provided Specifications.

-Employ "Innovative" & "Lean" engineering principles to create a cost effective & successful outcome.

-Keep the Customer involved throughout the design process to foresee any problems & suggested areas of improvement.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

Create an innovative method to benchmark & test impellers for Side Entry Agitation applications. Provide Ligntnin/SPX with an advantage over their competition.

Assumptions and Constraints

See Individual Design Criteria.