P11251: Side Entry Agitator Test Stand

Project Design Review

Table of Contents

Project Review: Tuesday, 2/22/11, 6pm @ MSD Center

Go/No-Go Project Review with Bill Nowak to discuss Next Steps & Transition to MSD II.

See Detailed Design Review for Support Documentation (Revised FMEA, MSD II Project Plan, etc.)

System Model (Team)

P11251 System BOM.xls (Same as DDR BOM)

P11251 System Model

Physical Stand (Joe)

Physical Stand Status

Stand BOM

Physical Stand Model Package

Sealing System (Dennis)

Sealing System Status

Mechanical Seal Drawing (dwg file)

Mechanical Seal Drawing (jpeg file)

Mechanical Seal Price Quote

Mechanical Seal Brochure

Sealing System SolidWorks Assembly

Shaft, Motor & Impeller Integration (Greg)

SMI Status

SMI Assembly Drawing

5HP AC Motor Spec Sheet

VFD Spec Sheet

Impeller Shaft Drawing

Rigid Shaft Coupling Drawing

Tangential & Axial Force Measurement (Kurt)

T & A Force Measurment Status

FUTEK Load Cell Spec Sheet

LEBOW Load Cell Spec Sheet

Motor Mount Plate Drawings

Load Cell Mount Plate Drawings

Support Pin Drawings

Load Cell Assemblies (Futek/Lebow)

DAQ & Labview Coding (Dan)

DAQ & Labview Status

Load Cell Measurement DAQ Card

Torque and RPM Measurement DAQ Card

USB Chassis for DAQ Cards