P11252: Top Cat


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For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package. More detailed information will be discussed in class with your Guide and Customer.

The primary object of this project is to design two short range cat alert collars. Each device must fit a specific dimension and only converse at a certain range. The collars must also be low power and light weight. The end goal of the design is to deter the cats from getting too close to one another and fighting.

Project Name
Top Cat
Project Number
Systems & Controls
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End Term
Faculty Guide
George Slack
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Patru (EE)
Primary Customer
David Perlman
Secondary Customer
Harris Corporation

Team Members

Team Top Cat
Member Name Email Major Section of Project Owned
Alexandra Peruzzini arp2071@rit.edu EE - Project Manager RF/Antenna Design
Duncan Topley dst1636@rit.edu EE Hardware
Obinna 'Obi' Ukachukwu obiuka1@gmail.com EE Software

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Radio Cat Collar System

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