P11301: Water Falls Media Phase I


Project Summary Project Information

1-Page Summary

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This project was inspired by Dr. Marla Schweppe and the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. The goal of this project is to achieve a usable fluid curtain as a projector display screen. The look of the curtain should be natural but not too turbulent to disrupt any images that are being projected onto the curtain. Professor Slack will be aiding the design team with their design progress. The team will also be consulting directly with Dr. Schweppe and her CIAS students to ensure that the goals and needs of the customer are being fulfilled sufficiently.

Project Name
Water Falls Media Phase I
Project Number
Project Family
Autonomous Systems and Controls
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
George Slack
Faculty Consultant
Marla K. Schweppe, TBD (475-2574)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Primary Customer
Marla K. Schweppe / CIAS
Team Documents Description

Customer Needs

Identification of what the customer wants at the end of the project
Engineering Specs Translation of customer needs into engineering specifications for project design
Risk Assessment Assessment of all risks related to each engineering spec
Customer Weighting Analysis of customer needs and engineering specs to determine most important parameters
Concept Screening Displays pros / cons of all previous design concepts
1-page Summary A one page summary of the entire project statement and goals
MSD 1 Schedule A broad overview of for the water falls media team deadlines and goals
Design Review A detailed overview of the entire design at the preliminary design review
Technical Review A list of all issues, action items and decisions coming from the preliminary design review.
Control System Functional Decomposition A block diagram of the control system.
Bill of Materials - Mechanical The list of all required mechanical components and pricing
Bill of Materials - Electrical The list of required electrical components and pricing
Detailed Design Review Technical review for Senior Design I
Upper Trough Morph Chart Concept reviews for the upper trough
Controls Morph Chart Concept reviews for the controls systems
Flow Source Morph Chart Concept reviews for the pump
Catch Trough Morph Chart Concept reviews for the lower catch trough
Structural Morph Chart Concept reviews for the structure of the waterfall
Pouring Lip Morph Chart Concept reviews for the pouring lip
Water Falls Media Drawing Package All relevant drawings for the construction of the waterfall machine
MSD 2 Schedule Schedule for construction and testing
Detailed Design Review Action Items Items needing review after design review
Project Poster Waterfalls New Media Design Phase I Project Poster
Technical Paper P11301 Technical Review Paper
Source Code Waterfalls New Media firmware and Python library
Final Project Review Presentation Waterfalls New Media Design Phase I Final Status
MOSFETS Board Schematic Solenoid Controlling Board
Control Board Schematic Waterfalls New Media Design control board schematics