P11302: FTIR Multi-Touch Table


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Multi-touch applications have exploded onto the mainstream technology scene over the last few years. As such demand for high quality, large scale multi-touch input devices has increased dramatically. A quick Google search will reveal that many multi-touch tables exist; Microsoft's Surface is one example. However, if you've ever had the opportunity to use this amazing technology, you may be disappointed by the quality and how it soon becomes a mere novelty. The project aims to create a multi-touch table capable of working as a professional grade tool and a new platform in computer entertainment.

The objective of this project is to design and build a multi-touch table that is capable of object recognition, semantic object classification, ignoring erroneous data. This could include items such as bowls, coffee mugs, and your hand. The table will also be utilized as a drafting table for design applications such as Auto Cad. This will require a very high input sensitivity so that persons may even use a stylus for writing. In order to operate as both a horizontal table and at an angle, the table must be mechanized to adjust accordingly to the user's needs.

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FTIR Multi-Touch Table
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