P11303: Roue Training Wheel

Mission Statement

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Faculty Guide

Gerald Garavuso - gxgddm@rit.edu

Project Objective Statement/Mission Clearly Understood

The objective of this project is to develop a training aid for a Roue wheel. This system will collect a series of position and time data including x, y, z, and t. This data will represent the roue wheel performer's routine. The data will be processed and transmitted wirelessly to a computer for review and real time feedback. Roue wheels are aluminum cast wheels ranging in size from 5-6 feet in diameter. The performer holds the wheel from the inside while engaging in skillful spins. Roue wheels are typically found in acrobatic performances such as Cirque du Soleil.

Final Deliverables Understood

Email Interaction #1 - Project Kickoff

Email Interaction #2 - Mechanical Dimensions

Email Interaction #3 - PVC Coation

Email Interaction #4 - Shipment

Primary Project Opportunities

The benefits of this project would serve as a training device giving a person riding the wheel instant feedback of the forces, and position of the roue wheel routine. The data collected can be used to compare two riders to help beginners learn correct techniques.

Secondary Project Opportunities

The data collected from the device could also be used to sync with lights in a laser light show to provide choreography with the person on the wheel.