P11310: Parabolic Dish Autopoint Solution


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Current L-3 Global Communications Manpack Systems involve a manual pointing elucidation. The desired system is to have a geared mechanism that rotates the dish to point automatically. In essence what we will deliver is a prototype that will support a 24 inch parabolic antenna such as the L-3 GCS Panther product that will point based on control by a laptop and minimal human intervention. The students will be experimenting with actuators, shaft encoders, tilt sensors, and potentiometers.


Project Name
Parabolic Dish Autopoint Solution
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Team Leader: Trae Rogers (ME)

Project Engineer: Pat Ryan (EE)

Kyle Norlin (ME)

Chris Reed (CE)

Fredric Schmeelk (EE)

Autonomous Systems and Controls Track
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Mr. Hanzlik (Mechanical Engineering)
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