P11310: Parabolic Dish Autopoint Solution

Identify Customer Needs

Table of Contents

First Sponsor Interview

Interviews by Trae Rogers/Kyle Norlin

Todd Herrington: Prinicipal Mechanical Engineer Herrington Interview

Scott Webster: Mechanical Design Engineer Webster Interview

Interviews by Pat Ryan/Ric Schmeelk

John Stevens: Project Engineer of Panther Product, EE Stevens Interview

Interviews by Chris Reed

Kevin Roland, Head of Software Development Roland Interview

Customer Needs

Needs Hierarchy

  1. Portable
    1. Low weight
    2. Small size
    3. Low power consumption
  2. Usable setup time
  3. High degree of pointing accuracy
  4. Low cost
  5. Test procedure to verify functionality
  6. System Health Status
    1. LEDs
      1. Fault status
      2. Movement status
      3. Power status
      4. Blackout mode
    2. GUI
      1. Fault status
      2. Movement status
      3. Power status
      4. Level status
  7. Robust design

Need Weighting

Needs Summary
Need The Product Needs to Importance
Low weight Must be man portable 9
Low power consumption Must be able to run off of a battery 9
Usable setup time Must acquire satellite in a reasonable amount of time 3
High degree of pointing accuracy Must aim narrow beamwidth antenna at satellite 9
Low cost Must fit within customers allocated budget 3
Test procedure to verify functionality Must produce means to verify design 9
Fault status Must indicate if motors become jammed or if a circuit shorts 3
Movement status Must indicate if it has acquired final position 3
Level status Must indicate if base has been leveled or if leveling is required 3
Power status Must indicate if power has been applied to automation system 3
Blackout mode Must be able to disable LEDs 3


The need to design a product that is packaged such that the end user has an easy and durable solution will crucial to the success of this design. By going through this process we were able to clarify and organize the needs into an easily understandable format. This will prevent accidental omission of crucial design aspects.