P11310: Parabolic Dish Autopoint Solution

Select Product Concept(s)

Table of Contents

Selection Matrix

Antenna Autopoint
Criteria 1 2 3 4
Azimuth assembly Turntable Wheels
Elevation assembly L-bracket Hinge rotation Pulley
Automate Motor Servo Stepper
Azimuth sensor Shaft encoder Compass Shadow
Elevation sensor Shaft encoder Angle sensor
Heading GPS Compass Sextant and clock
Fault detection Current loop Current shunt Shaft encoder
Level detection Tilt sensor Gyroscope Hand level
Fault display LEDs GUI Buzzer Ed yells

Rate the Concepts

Antenna Autopoint
Criteria 1 2 3 4
Azimuth assembly + -
Elevation assembly S + -
Automate + + +
Azimuth sensor + + -
Elevation sensor + +
Heading + S -
Fault detection + + +
Level detection + + S
Fault display + + - -

Rank the Concepts

Antenna Autopoint
Score 1 2 3 4
+ 8 7 2 0
S 1 1 1 0
- 0 1 4 1

Combine and Improve the Concepts

Antenna Autopoint
Criteria Optimal
Azimuth assembly Turntable
Elevation assembly Hinge rotation
Automate Motor
Azimuth sensor Shaft encoder
Elevation sensor Shaft encoder
Heading GPS
Fault detection Current loop
Level detection Tilt sensor
Fault display LEDs

Concept Selection

See above configuration for final selection. These options were deemed to be the best selections using the criteria and selection procedures listed earlier.

Reflect on the Results and the Process

Going through the decision making process allowed us to find the optimal solution to our design challenge. The concept we have settled on agrees with our gut intuition and research, which gives us confidence to move forward with our design. Home