P11342: RF Test Fixture


Project Summary Project Information

For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package. More detailed information will be discussed in class with your Guide and Customer.

One Paragraph that provides a general description of the project in terms of background, motivation(s), customer(s), and overall objective(s). Use your creative talents to include photos, short video clips, or other information to quickly and effectively help prospective student team members learn what the project is all about, and how they would be able to contribute.

Project Name
RF Test Fixture
Project Number
RF / EM Fields
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
George Slack
Faculty Consultant
Jayanti Venkataraman
Primary Customer
Mark Hinman


Planning System Level Design

Team Values and Norms

Customer Needs

Project Plan Week 3

11 Week Project Plan (ver 2)

1-Page Project Summary

Specifications Table

Concept Design Review Documents (SD I)

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

Project Review (SD I)


Administrative Deliverables Relevant Documents

MSD II Week Plan

Assembly Plan

Final Presentation

Project Poster

Final Paper

Test and Refinement

Bill of Materials

Motor Code

Labview Code

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Reference Material

Tektronix Labview Drivers

Wide Band Antenna

Antenna Design Reference

Atheros Radio Software

Sample Antenna Radiation Patterns