P11401: Portable High Power-Density Energy System


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The Portable High Power-Density Energy System is sponsored by Harris RF. The objective of this project is to design and build a portable energy system that harvests and stores energy from a renewable source. This project will be used to supply this energy as a power source to the MSD 2010-11 WOCCS family wireless system.

Portable Charging System

Portable Charging System

Project Name
Portable High Power-Density Energy System
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Project Family
Energy and Sustainable Systems
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Mr. Philip Bryan
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Sergey Lyshevski
Primary Customer
WOCCS Project Family
Secondary Customer
Harris RF
Li Ion Battery Charger Circuit

Li Ion Battery Charger Circuit

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Planning Concept and Systems Level Design Detailed Design

Pinto Group Research Report

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