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Do's and Don'ts of Dorm Living

Facts About Etisalat Academy
Initials Description of Fact
ALS Girls and boys live on separate floors
ALS Boys are not allowed on girls floor at all
ALS Girls ARE allowed on the boys floor as long as they remain in the lounge area (bedrooms are off limits)
ALS Card access to rooms
ALS Stick card into slot on the wall to activate lights in the room
ALS Room service comes once a week to change towels and sheets (these are provided) and refill toilet paper
ALS Toilets have a bidet (hose)
ALS Rooms have a refrigerator, TV and electric water boiler
ALS Two sets of washer and dryer are located at the end of each hallway and are "free"
ALS Cafeteria is open 3 times daily and is buffet style (breakfast is 15 dhs and lunch and dinner are 25 dhs)
DC Meals are often taken later in the day. For example the meal times at the cafeteria are 8-10:30am (breakfast), 2-4:30pm (lunch), and 8-11pm (dinner).
DC Each floor has a "kitchen" with 2 hot plates and a microwave. Very few people cook, preferring to order out or go to the cafeteria.
ALS Recreation facility has two mixed workout areas and one ladies. Students are allowed to work out from 8:30 am - 5:30pm. From 6-9 the whole facility is exclusive for business people only. Gym opens back up at 9 - 11pm.
ALS There is an outdoor pool and indoor spa, however, it is women only Sun-Thurs until 9 pm except on Weds it is mixed starting at 3 pm. On weekends (Fri and Sat) both pool and spa are mixed. So boys are not happy that they can't lay out in the sun by the pool for a majority of their weekdays.
ALS Wireless internet at the dorms is horrible. They have a Etisalat Academy Backup (EA-Backup) which provides a little faster service than the previous connection offered.
ALS There is a bus that runs to a different mall daily providing free service to students. (ie: Bus leaves for Diera City Centre at 6:30pm and comes for pick up at 10:30pm on Saturday)
ALS There is a bus that runs Sun-Thurs for transportation to school (Silicon Oasis aka Pineapple building) However, if you miss the bus, you must take a taxi and that can be a little costly (about 35 dhs = approx $9)
ALS A variety of food places provided delivery to the dorms if you are not in the mood for cafeteria food or if it is not open (ie: Burger King, Subway, KFC..) This helps because of the limitations on student transportation
ALS Have to get to the metro by a taxi if there is no bus provided by the academy (luckily, taxes are really cheap here because an average 5-10 minute drive to the metro from the academy is like 15 dhs which is less than 4 dollars.)
ALS Buses leave EXACTLY on time so don't be even one minute late
ALS 20 min drive from the dorms to Silicon Oasis/ RIT Dubai
ALS Can pay for exercise classes at the recreation center at Etisalat Academy
ALS Recreation Center will NOT turn the lights on around the track unless there are more than 10 people on the field/track at night (there are a few lights so you can manage to run at night with them off)
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