P11411: Desalination Systems -- Dubai

Identify Customer Needs

Customer Needs Defined from Dr. Hensel
1 Limited technical scope to allow for a strong focus on international logistics and challenges.
2 Desalinate at least 2 liters of Persian Gulf (or equivalent) water per day from average ocean salinity to a level usable for agricultural purposes. The size of the system will be driven by this water requirement.
3 The system is preferred to be usable by second to fifth year level engineering students in order to perform laboratory experiments in an educational setting. A trained operator would be the one directing the system operation. System should fit in a laboratory setting and be transportable.
4 The challenges faced due to the international team dynamics will be documented thoroughly as well as possible solutions developed as seen fit for these challenges. The team needs to be thorough with respect to recording logistics, technical issues, and multi-cultural/national design issues.
5 Product Manual - Documentation of assembly and instructions on how to operate the device must be included in the final delivery of the project to allow other groups to easily continue working on the project product or integrate it into other systems
6 Renewable energy is preferred to be harnessed and used for the desalinization process. However, other a combination of renewable and non-renewable energy sources can be utilized as seen fit.
Customer Needs Defined From RIT Students 4th and 5th year
1 Having theoretical models greatly help in the understanding of the engineering topics shown in an experiment.
2 Working in groups is the preferred method of conducting a lab experiment, either for the entire lab or for half of the lab.
3 Students find it beneficial to physically see something happening during a laboratory experiment. (Sometimes to always)
4 Students find discussion sections that pose questions to be answered more beneficial to learning