P11411: Desalination Systems -- Dubai

Justified Decisions

Justified Decisions
Date Debated Topic Discussion Final Decision & Why Supporting Document
3/29/2011 Auxiliary Heat Addition - Flat Plate vs. CPC The team felt a Flat Plate collector would have been very easy to construct. Manufacturing a CPC presented a challenge unique to RIT and accomplished the same overall objective of energy addition to the still.
3/23/2011 Is an adjustable angle of CPC necessary? If so, should it be compatible for both Dubai and Rochester? No- the difference in gaining insolation is not worth enough to incorporate the complexity of an adjustable angle. Decision is to have a fixed angle equivalent to Rochester latitude (~ 43 degrees) Insolation for Angles
3/4/2011 CPC Geometry and Shape Based on energy that can be collected from each acceptance angle and radius combination CPC Geometry CPC Geometry Plot
3/29/2011 Still Dimensions Dictated by the 60inch x 40inch sheet of donated 304 Stainless Steel sheetmetal Still Basin
3/2011 Clear Sides The team felt transparent sides facilitated a better learning experience. Students see the process, rather than a black box with water emerging when it's sunny.
3/2011 Acrylic vs. Polycarbonate Sides Polycarbonate yellows with prolonged sun exposure. Although structurally stronger, acrylic possessed the strength, scratch resistance, and price to be the better option
3/2011 Placing the System on a Cart The team felt having this system be portable allowed for an easier implementation into a laboratory setting. If a piece of equipment is not convenient, it is less likely to be used
3/2011 Slope of Still ??
3/2011 Still and CPC relative positions Enable easiest interface between the two subsystems and reduce losses in tubes in their interface