P11411: Desalination Systems -- Dubai

Logbook of Issues Encountered (Multi-National and Multi-Cultural)

Logbook of Issues Encountered (Multi-National and Multi-Cultural)
Date Description of Issue Encountered Solution (If Any) Did the Solution Work?
12/6/2010 Could not use Adobe Meeting Pro to share videos with Dubai Team. Contacted Jessica Hooper of RIT Library to establish a public access for all team members on Adobe Meeting Pro. All members now have access, and can share meeting videos, etc. Videos were made available for public view in Adobe Meeting Pro with all P11411 members having access
12/8/2010 Gap in communications with Dubai team members when using one point of contact in Dubai who receives Rochester team communications, and then shares the information with the other members in Dubai All Dubai members will be receiving communications from Rochester team, and vice versa to streamline the information sharing The gap in communication was narrowed by communicating information to all members in Dubai
12/9/2010 No professor knew that they were in charge of this project at RIT Dubai Dr. Hensel informed them of their responsibilities The professors are now actively involved with RIT Dubai students
12/10/2010 Finding appropriate room for weekly Skype meeting with Dubai Contacted Jessica Hooper of RIT Library to reserve a room within library Library allows reservations of rooms no earlier than 7:30 A.M. and does not have any skype capabilities available. Best to use Alumni room in Engineering Building.
12/10/2010 Skype with Dubai generates lags in video (about one second) and can be unreliable if Dubai students are using the connection in their dorms Use Skype communications when Dubai students are on campus and allow for breaks in conversation to account for video lag Connection has been reliable when Dubai students are on campus and communication is smoother when allowing for breaks in conversation
12/10/2010 Skype communication is hindered if the members listening do not acknowledge the understanding/hearing of the given speaker via a nod or a thumbs up sign Added to 'Norms and Values' video protocol behavior guidelines that all members will follow during skype communications Skype communication is improved with members acknowledging understanding of the speaker with a thumbs up sign
12/13/2010 Document Sharing for meetings Not everyone is able to view the most recent document on google docs before the meetings because of time zone difference Try to have all team members upload everything 12hrs before the weekly meeting so everyone can view changes before meeting.
12/13/2010 Team was uncertain whether it would be the most convenient to use only EDGE for document sharing or use a secondary program (Google Docs, Tortoise SVN) to create and modify documents before transferring them to EDGE Most convenient to use Google Docs and weekly transfer most recent document revision to EDGE Working very well
12/13/2010 If there are more than 2 participants in a Skype video call, the video compatibility becomes unavailable for one or all participants Limit participants to two computers to have video capability Video capability is available with no more than 2 participants
12/13/2010 RIT Dubai does not have a video conference room available for students Add a video conference room if possible Investigating
12/22/2010 RIT Dubai students do not have a process for purchasing materials needed in Dubai, and various import/export control issues exist when shipping items to Dubai RIT Dubai students are working with Dr. Abushagur to install a process for ordering needed materials Investigating
1/3/2011 Dubai students have a hard time getting to meeting due to lack or cost of transportation Provide students with taxi vouchers or reimburse expenses Students will be reimbursed if previous permission is given and receipt is collected.
1/23/2001 Gaps in communication developed from team members not consistently replying/acknowledging the understanding of emails/action items Create a 'Communication Requirement' that mandates that all communication must be acknowledged and replied to in order to create more streamlined communication lines Helped to avoid miscommunications while keeping everyone on the same page
1/23/2011 There is a lack of MSD support for students in Dubai Allow for at least one member of Dubai sub-team to have successfully completed DPM while assigning a faculty member as Dubai sub-team Guide Investigating
1/23/2011 It is difficult to hear all members during skype meetings when the microphone is not movable Use a mobile microphone that can be passed around between all members during the meeting Issue solved
1/23/2011 RIT Dubai Campus internet is very unreliable Investigating Investigating
2/4/2011 RIT Dubai has limited software available for use Investigating Add more software packages in the future in order to have same software editions available at RIT Dubai that are present at RIT Investigating
2/4/2011 Communication with RIT Dubai is hindered when specific instructions are not given on the topic at hand Provide specific instructions to RIT Dubai in all communications to ease the communication barrier Investigating
2/7/2011 No buses are provided for RIT Dubai students from Etisalat to RIT during weekend Have buses run during weekend for limited hours like in RIT Rochester Investigating
2/7/2011 It is difficult to hear MSD presenters who record videos to be sent to students in Dubai All presenters should wear a mic when presenting in order to improve sound quality It is much easier to hear presenters when they wear a mic
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