P11411: Desalination Systems -- Dubai

Logbook of Issues Encountered (Technical)

Logbook of Issues Encountered (Technical)
Date Description of Issue Encountered Solution (If Any) Did the Solution Work? Related Issues
17 Jan 2011 Unable to upload large files to EDGE Contacting EDGE Admin and/or upload individual smaller files. TBD
17 Jan 2011 Dubai Campus doesn't have Labview or Solidworks Purchase these programs for future work TBD
April 2011 Hot bow often twists while cutting foam Make sure lead wires are not pulling to minimize effect Minimized but did no eliminate
April 2011 CPC frame design needed to change with new cart design Rework frame design Yes
April 2011 Solar Still Leaks Use Silicon to seal edges Yes
April 2011 Copper pipes for CPC and fittings too long for frame design Redesign frame to protect manifold and redesign manifold to shorten as much as possible Yes
May 2011 "Stainless Steel" bolts in still are not actually stainless steel paint over to seal metal and reduce exposure to water Reduced effect
May 2011 Solar Glass shattered Use 1/8 in acrylic sheet instead (based on availability) No
May 2011 Solar Glass Shattered Purchase new piece of standard glass Yes
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