P11411: Desalination Systems -- Dubai

RIT Dubai Objectives

- Completing initial ground research and establishing UAE contacts while in Dubai
- Documenting Multi-National and Multi-Cultural challenges
- Given that Dubai's cost of living is considerably higher than that of Rochester, a comprehensive list of costs of common building materials will need to be completed
- Limit the technical scope of the project in order to focus on the Multi-National and Multi-Cultural aspects
- Develop a Dubai network of contacts that we can utilize in the future during MSDII, and future MSD projects can rely upon
- Dubai students must focus on the list of things that can only be done in Dubai
- Find out the irrigation used on RIT Dubai campus: kind of grass, trees, etc.
- Establish contact with RIT Dubai Facilities manager
- Establish whether Dubai uses clear or grey water?
- Establish prices on oil in Dubai
- If solar radiation is used to desalinate water, establish how much space is available on the roofs of RIT Dubai as well as the heights of RIT Dubai buildings