P11411: Desalination Systems -- Dubai

Required Resources

Describe resources necessary to support successful Development, Implementation and Utilization of the project. This would include specific faculty expertise for consulting, required laboratory space and equipment, outside services, customer facilities, etc. Indicate if required resources are available. Continue to add items to this list of resources as they are identified during the course of the project. This list should grow over time. The description should indicate how and why the resource is valuable for the project.

Faculty And Staff
Item Source Description Available
Gerry Garavuso RIT Rochester Guide Yes
Ed Hensel RIT Rochester Customer Yes
Ed Hensel RIT Rochester Technical Consultant Yes
Dr. Robert Stevens RIT Rochester Technical Consultant Yes
Dr. Hany Ghoneim RIT Dubai Technical Consultant (Desalination knowledge) Yes
Dr. Friess RIT Dubai Technical Consultant (Dubai region expertise) Yes
Item Source Description Available
Skype Accounts for Each Member Personal Download Web Video Conferencing Software Each person responsible for their account
Google Document Shared Folder Web Interface Establish a Google Document Shared Folder for the team to use Set up by Wayne Evans and used by each member
EDGE Repository Web Interface Project Page for the use of the team Provided by MSD Department
MSD Lab Floor in Engineering Building Space for MSD Teams to hold meetings, work sessions, and presentations Provided by MSD Department
Item Source Description Available
RIT Machine Shop RIT ME Department Tools, machines, and work space to complete MSD fabrication and testing Provided by the RIT ME Department
RIT Computer Labs RIT ME Department Software Packages for design, analysis, and CAD drawings Provided by the RIT ME Department

The team members will be expected to procure the materials needed for the project, excluding the following:

Item Source Description Available
RIT Machine Shop Materials RIT ME Department Various materials available for student use in ME Machine Shop Provided by the RIT ME Department

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