P11411: Desalination Systems -- Dubai

Staffing Requirements

Staffing Requirements - Must be updated Week 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 of the MSD Project
Name Discipline Location Role / Responsibilities
Sergey S. Chiripko, Jr. BS/MEng Rochester Project Manager Manages the overall scope of the project to make sure that the team meets the customer requirement and needs, delivers the promised product, and successfully fulfills all of the MSD requirements. Coordinates communication between Dubai members, customer, guide, and Rochester members. Oversees the budget, ordering of necessary parts, and fabrication of the product within the established constraints. Promotes team values and norms while addressing any conflicts and issues. Provides technical input to keep the project within the agreed scope and requirements while meeting the design objectives as set by the customer. Acts as a liaison between all parties involved.
Kelsey McConnaghy BS/MS Rochester Systems Engineer Responsible for assisting with the system design and how the system will interface with the user. Help with the development of appropriate collection and storage devices. Also responsible for assisting in the creation of a theoretical thermodynamic model the desalinization unit. (1-10-11)
Wayne Evans BS/MEng Rochester USA Technical Lead Responsible for the technical research regarding the appropriate technologies to implement and in general the technical aspects of the design and fabrication of the desalinization unit. General responsibilities include a commitment to communication with the team, logistics work, and an effective organization of the information gathered.
Allison Schneider Mech E Dubai Dubai Market Researcher Responsible for collecting and analyzing information on behalf of the government, businesses, and public bodies. Assessing appropriate information and maintaining accurate and detailed records of this information. Also, responsible for networking within the UAE to provide valuable resources for our return back to the U.S and future projects.
Dylan Connole Mech E Dubai International field and market research technician Responsible for modelling FPC, working jointly on documentation and solutions to multinational issues, measurement, instrumentation, and control systems as well as establishing local vendor contacts, purchasing procedures, and facilities for future use. Also assist with testing, and fabrication of the product (1-6-11).
Andy Thistle Mech E Dubai Field Technical Concierge Modeling CPC Unit with a thermosyphon effect. Product engineer for CPC unit; designating materials and production methods. Responsible for all of the CAD drawings in Dubai. (2-14-11)
Gerald Garavuso Mech E Rochester Guide Gerry will help the team stay on track with deliverables required as part of the MSD course sequence, facilitate information sharing between the sub-teams in Rochester and Dubai specifically as related to course content, and provide suggestions on ways to tackle the project.
Edward Hensel Mech E Rochester / Dubai Customer Ed will help the team stay focused on an appropriate small scale desalination project for use in education and research at both of our campuses. In addition to being a customer of the desalination technology, he will be responsible for implementing the lessons learned about trans-continental senior design teams in future years, as such teams become regular parts of the educational program offering.

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