P11411: Desalination Systems -- Dubai

Supporting Documents

Guidelines for New Development Projects based on Dubai Water Authority Contains estimates on water consumption for various building types as well as info on Dubai's water system. District cooling uses cool water to chill multiple buildings.
RIT Dubai Phase II Preliminary Estimate, Phase II Facilities Size and Scope Courtesy of John Mitchell. Projects RIT's capacity and building requirements for the next 3 years.
Desalination Presentation Presentation created by Mohammed Abdulla.
NREL Information
NREL New York Solar Radiation Data
*Note: Page 6 is Rochester, NY Data
NREL State Average Solar Radiation Data
Solar Data Taken from a Station in Saudi Arabia, Similar Location and Environment as Dubai (more dunes)
NREL Solar Glossary of Terms Use for Above Data
NREL Manual on Solar Measurement
Technical Articles Relating to Solar Stills
Evaluating Thermal Performance of a Single Slope Solar Still
Simpler Theoretical Method - In/out Approach
Technical Articles Relating to CPCs and FPCs
Solar Thermal Collectors and Applications
Study of the C.P.C Collector Thermal Behavior
Equations for Analytical CPC Geometry Modeling
*Note: Equations used are on page 8 of document
Document Used to Determine Height of CPC collector (page 2)
Simplified Solar Heating Model http://solarattic.com/engineer/scientific_model.pdf
Technical Articles on Desalination with Parabolic Troughs
Use of Parabolic Trough Solar Energy Collectors for Sea-Water Desalination
Design Parameter Selection for a Distillation System
Reflective materials report with cost consideration
Other Documents
Yearly Solar Isolation for Rochester NY
EPA Water Requirements
Thermia Oil Data Sheet
Jebel Ali Desalination Tour Information
Plant Information
Bibliography References
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