P11413: Crumb Rubber Pre-filter and Heater

Mission Statement

The mission of the crumb rubber pre-filter and heater project is to provide a sufficient, accessible, economical and sustainable solution to pre-filtering water for use in a UV water disinfection system in order to provide potable water supplies for the world's population.

This project will be developed with these specifications: scalable modular open-architecture open-source sustainable water systems appropriate for adoption and use in a variety of climates, social, and family settings around the globe.

This project will develope a pre-filter for a sustainable UV water disinfection system. This project will provide complete documentation of the analysis, design, manufacturing, fabrication, testing, and evaluation of each subsystem to a level of detail that a subsequent team can build upon the work with no more than one week of background research.

"No individual team is expected to solve the Sustainable Water System project alone. Rather, the cumulative impact of this family of projects will be felt over time, and there should be no doubt within the international community that this family of students projects was the key contributor to solving this compelling problem."

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