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The practice of cooking with biomass has destroyed the ecosystems of many third world countries. In Haiti specifically, charcoal is used as the primary fuel source for cooking and heating. The continuous use of charcoal for cooking has increased the risks of common and serious diseases for users who have been exposed to biomass smoke and emissions. Also the dependence on charcoal has caused an alarming rate of deforestation as less than 3% of Haitian's forest remains.

To minimize the respiratory diseases and deforestation associated with charcoal use in Haiti, designing and creating a more efficient cookstove was proposed in 2009 as part of Phase I of this project. The mission of P11451 is to build on the work completed during Phase I and continue to develop RIT's capabilities to test cookstoves. The objectives of this specific project are as followed:

1. Create and document standardized test procedures for the test stand. Test methods should quantify a stove's fuel efficiency, cooking performance and emissions.

2. Modify existing test stand from Phase I to deliver repeatable as well as accurate efficiency and emission results.

3. Benchmark the RIT stove against other stoves. By defining test methods and documenting testing procedures relevant to the cooking practices in Haiti, a more efficient cook stove can be designed by RIT.

Finalized Results

Finalized Results

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Team Photo

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Cook Stove Test Methodology
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Energy and Sustainability
Sustainable Technologies
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Ed Hanzlik
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Dr. Rob Stevens
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Dr. Rob Stevens - Surrogate Customer for Haiti
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Phillip AMSLER
David SAM
Huseyin ZORBA

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