P11457: Dresser Rand - Olean Material Flow

Team Values and Norms

Team Values

Each team member will be prompt and arrive at the team meetings on time. If an unexpected conflict comes up, the absent team member will notify at least one team-mate prior to the expected absence. An absent team-member should confirm that a team-mate has received their message (in person, voice mail, email, etc).
Each team member will complete their tasks thoroughly and completely, so that the work does not have to be re-done by a peer on the team. If a member does not know how to complete a task, feels overwhelmed, or needs assistance then the member notifies peers, and seeks assistance either from a peer, the faculty guide, a faculty consultant, or another person.
Each team member completes their work accurately and in a way that can be easily checked for accuracy by peers and the faculty guide. All work is fully documented and easy to follow.
Professional and Ethical
Each team member gives credit where credit is due. All work completed includes citations to appropriate literature, or sources of assistance. If a team member has gotten assistance from a publication or individual, then that assistance or guidance is fully documented in the reports prepared. Each team member is honest and trustworthy in their dealings with their peers.
Demonstrates the core RIT values of SPIRIT.
Each team member will contribute an equal share to the success of the project.

Ground Rules

- Never criticize ideas during brainstorming
- Respect each other
- Commit to work that capable of doing
- If cannot meet the deadline notify the team ahead of time
- Try to give constructive feedback
- Be punctual to all team meetings
- If cannot meet or running late to a meeting notify the team with a reasonable amount of time.
- Do not keep problems quiet, discuss them with the group.
- Ask for help if you need it!
- Be present during meetings: body and mind.
- Maintain positive attitude.
- Keep discussions on track

Team Norms: Peer Reviews

Team will conduct open peer reviews during week 4 and week 8. Team members will discuss/evaluate each other performance via open dialogue providing constructive feedback for future improvements.