P11458: Dresser Rand - Wellsville Ventilator

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Collecting Project Background Raw Data

Interactions with Sponsors

What you need to capture in this section is the raw data that will allow you to complete the information in the remaining headings. The outcome of this sections need to be the following:

Project Objectives Meeting with Dan Wallace 9/24/10

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

The Portable Ventilator cell at Dresser-Rand is suffering from excessive inventory (raw materials, work in progress and finish goods). Cycle times and manufacturing flow need to be improved as well. Dresser-Rand would also like to move the cell into a different building with a shorter ceiling and half the current floor space.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables


1) Reduce inventory

2) Create a flow in the manufacturing process

3) Create proposal for moving cell to new building


1) Value Stream Map (with forecasting information)


Primary Market/Project Opportunities

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Assumptions and Constraints


Dan Wallace, D-R Wellsville Operations Manager

Erma Simmons, PV Cell Supervisor

John Barkley, D-R Forecasting/Ordering

Dave Dumais, D-R Forecasting/Ordering