P11460: Gasket and Sheet Metal Cells

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BM Series info pdf

Dear Mr. Borden,

Thank you for your detail information of your requirement.

To meet your size requirement to cut 1500 x 1500mm upto 3mm thick, we suggest our low cost BM series BM2516 ( work area 1600 x 2500 mm).

Please find attached our leaflet for BM series.

BM2516 Cutting plotter- for making gaskets.

Work area: 1600 mm x 2500 mm

Multihead: 4 positions- one oscillating tool position, one fixed tangential position and one marking position

Laser pointer: for easy zero positioning

Set of cutting blades

5.5kW Vacuum pump for material holding

Machine control software- runs on Win XP. Accepts PLT file formats prepared from other CAD software such as AutoCAD, Corel Draw.

Packing & packing cost

Total: Euro 37,000+ shipping cost (~$50000)

Warranty: 1year for parts

Delivery: 5 weeks

Shipment & insurance: will be quoted at the time of order

Installation assistance: Euro 1500- for labour. Flight & hotel for an engineer from HK at your cost.

Payment by T/T: 30% deposit + 70% before shipment.

Price for BM1713 ( work area 1300 x 1700 mm) with above configuration is Euro 33,000+ shipping cost

One the high end, our TL1617 with work area 1600 mm x 1700 mm costs Euro 49,000+ shipping. TL is recommended for cutting harder materials. This machine also has option for adding projection system to project and cut on waste materials at ease.

To save material, we recommend cnccut nesting software and the price is Euro 1,950. This software has macros for creating most of the standard gaskets in a few clicks. This can automatically nest small gaskets inside bigger gaskets to save material. It also has manual nesting function to overrule automatic nesting. Can import DWG, PLT & DXF format files created from other CAD programs for output.

Please do not hesitate to send us your materials to our below address and we will test cut your sample file and return to you for your checking of tolerance.

We look forward to your reply.

Best Regards

Davis Richardson

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