P11460: Gasket and Sheet Metal Cells


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The Dresser-Rand plant at Painted Post is reducing its plant footprint. They have an overall game plan for footprint reduction and are implementing it in sections. There are several operations that are located in the portion of the plant that need to be relocated, two of which are in scope for this project. Significant space reductions can be achieved if the processes are upgraded with new capital, the design and implementation of cells, and reduced space for tooling. The 2 areas are a gasket manufacturing cell and a very old press brake that follows a laser cutting machine in a process for sheet metal fab. The gasket cell redesign is the primary project; the press brake upgrade is secondary.

The Gasket cell manufactures a family of products important to the plant's future and Dresser-Rand has decided to relocate and consolidate the cell into a new area. The task is to redesign the cell, its operations and organization, research and recommend possible new processes and equipment to improve the safety, efficiency and reduce the footprint of the cell, and a plan for the relocation of the cell into its new footprint.

Project Name
Gasket and Sheet Metal Cells
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Process Innovation
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Faculty Guide
John Kaemmerlen
Primary Customers
Henry Bastian and Dennis Rice

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Cody Willmart IE Project Manager
Jacky Li IE IE Technical Lead
Aaron Marcotte IE IE Support
Tyler Borden ME ME Support
Dan Swol ME ME Support

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