P11461: Cook Stove Enhancements

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

Our team is charged with designing and constructing all the mechanical and structural aspects of a thermoelectric biomass cook stove. The stove will utilize a blower/fan powered by thermo-electrics to significantly increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. In comparison with current Haitian stoves, the produced stove will have a reduction in emissions of 50%, which will improve the environment in which the Haitian people cook and live in. In addition the increased efficiency will decrease the amount of deforestation in Haiti.

All systems produced need to be able to interface with the systems developed by MSD Team P11451 and MSD Team P11462.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

1. Deliver 2 Stoves to Send to Haiti

2. Utilize forced air powered by thermoelectrics.

3. Reduce emissions by 50%

4. Reduce fuel consumption by 50%

5. Able to be manufactured using traditional Haitian manufacturing techniques

6. Affordable Design

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

1. Haiti Outreach-Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E.)

2. People of Haiti

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

1. Similar developing markets

2. Possible outdoor/camping applications

Assumptions and Constraints