P11462: Thermoelectric and Fan System for Cook Stove

Battery Charger Test

Battery Charger Test

When the battery charger had been setup, the goal was to determine the charging rate of the batteries. The input of this circuit requires a regulated DC input and is connected to the boost converter which should provide this. To test this circuit the input voltage was varied and data was taken for the input voltage and current to the entire charging circuit as well as the output voltage and currents being provided to the battery pack. With this data we could calculate the power being put into the charging circuit and also determine the power consumed by this circuit. Another result is that we could directly see how much current was being provided to the batteries. Once these results were seen, it was realized that our initial calculations were off by a factor of 10. The output current to the batteries was only 0.012 A when it should have been .125 A. This test is very useful for determining what exactly the circuit is doing as well as allowing a "fine tuning" of the circuit to help with resistance matching. The test results are shown in the following link (for Excel data please see public section of website):

Battery Charger Test Data

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