P11462: Thermoelectric and Fan System for Cook Stove

Concept Design Review Action Items

These are the action items that came out of the Concept Design Review

CDR Action Items
Item # Action Owner
1 For ES #3 Unit price subtract $2.50 to account for inability to quantify manufacturing costs. Jared
2 For ES #8 Aux charging reduce number of phones able to be charged with stove off from 3 to 2. Fahad
3 For ES #8 Aux charging recompute energy requirements for phone charging. Fahad
4 For ES #9 Battery size recompute energy requirement for startup operation period. Fahad
5 For ES #11 Volume take another look at volume estimates. Appear too large. Jared
6 For ES #17 Maximum temperature of hot side of TEG increase temperatures. Data sheet specs maximum continuous hot side temp of 300 degC. Tom
7 More explicitly state assumptions. Example is stove runs for 2 hours/day 3 times/day. Jared
8 Stick to simple transient modeling Jared

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