P11462: Thermoelectric and Fan System for Cook Stove

Fan Operational Test

Fan Operational Test

Once the purchased fan arrived the goal was to determine its actual pressure drop versus flow rate characteristics. The generated curve can overlay the pressure drop versus flow rate curve of the stove to determine the flow rate the fan should be operating near. In order to determine these points a test rig design in Thermal Fluids Lab II for this exact purpose was used. The fan was powered at two different voltages -- 8 V and 12 V -- and blown through a PVC tube. Flow rate was measured using a hot wire anemometer and the known cross-sectional area of the PVC tube. Pressure drop was measured using a pressure transducer. The pressure drop was changed by moving a cone at the end of the PVC pipe closer to the pipe. The test results are shown in the following link (for the Excel version please see the public section of this site):

Fan Test Data

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