P11462: Thermoelectric and Fan System for Cook Stove

Flow Rate Variation Test

Through research into fan sizing and our stove pressure drop test we realized that providing the initial required airflow (1.2 kg/min) would be difficult. We were interested in specifying a lower flow rate. A water boil test was performed to better understand the added effect of the forced air. The time for 2 Liters of water to boil was recorded at 3 different flow rates: 20, 30, and 40 CFM. Before the tests were run the stove was run for 20 minutes to allow it to reach a thermal steady state.

Flow Rate Considerations
Starting Water Temp (degF) Flow Rate (CFM) Time to boil (min)
51.1 20 3:54
48.6 30 3:15
50.9 40 3:13

Based on these results we determined that the flow rate could be scaled back to about half of our initial specification.

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