P11462: Thermoelectric and Fan System for Cook Stove

Generate Product Concepts

The table highlights the 13 core functions that should be achieved to accomplish our main goal and provides several means to achieve these functions. The means were generated through a brainstorming process. The end product should incorporate some permutation of these means.
Morphological Chart
Functions Means 1 Means 2 Means 3 Means 4 Means 5 Means 6
Provide air to stove fire Fan Compressed air source Bellows
Provide heat to hot side of power generating device Metal rod Contact block Direct contact
Control temp at the hot side of the power generating device Temp sensor/reduced fan speed Wax Rod/Block sizing
Convert heat into electricity Thermoelectric
Provide power to air flow device Battery Thermoelectric
Provide cooling to cold side of power generating device Heat sink Tube/liquid cooling Wax
Control temp at the cold side of power generating device Fan speed
Connect/disconnect device from stove Long bolts Dowels Stand Hook system Latches Track system
Control air flow Throttling Fan speed Adjustable scoop/bypass
Store electrical energy Battery
Control electrical energy flow Well designed circuit (flip-flops, op-amps)
Enclose system/protect user Metal case Fully-enclosed components Heat conduction barriers
Provide auxiliary power hook-up USB port

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