P11462: Thermoelectric and Fan System for Cook Stove

Mechanical System Live Test

Mechanical System Live Test

Once the mechanical system was completely manufactured several tests were performed to determine the real-world characteristics, properties, and actions of our designed system. These tests were done in a manner similar to the method described in the 3rd generation initial test plan. The unit was attached to the stove and the fan powered by a 12 V power supply. The leads of the TEG were connected to a rheostat. In order to maintain peak power the rheostat was held at 4 ohms; however, at several times the resistance was changed in order to determine the effects on the system. Multimeters were placed in series and parallel with these leads to measure current and voltage, respectively. Overall four good test were run. They are summarized in the following files. TEG outputs are also plotted. While several tests were run for the entire integrated mechanical-electrical system these tests were mainly for qualitative and troubleshooting purposes. As such, no rigorously monitored testing occurred and no data was recorded. (for the Excel version please see the public section of this site)

4-8-11 Test

4-14-11 Test

4-22-11 Test

5-4-11 Test

Test Temp Rise Curve

TEG Delta-T vs Power Curve

TEG I-V Curve

TEG Power vs. Resistance Curve

TEG Power vs. Time Curve

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