P11462: Thermoelectric and Fan System for Cook Stove

Required Resources

Describe resources necessary to support successful Development, Implementation and Utilization of the project. This would include specific faculty expertise for consulting, required laboratory space and equipment, outside services, customer facilities, etc. Indicate if required resources are available.

Item Source Description Available
Edward Hanzlik ME Faculty Guide Yes
Dr. Robert Stevens ME Customer Yes
Sarah Brownell HOPE Technical Consultant Yes
Jim Myers HOPE Technical Consultant Yes
Dr. Chris Hoople EE Technical Consultant Yes
Item Source Description Available
Sustainable Energy Lab ME Experiment with TE modules/Storage/Base of operations Yes
Machine Shop ME Fabrication Yes
EE Labs EE Simulate/test circuits Yes
Item Source Description Available
Thermocouple Sustainable Energy Lab Measure temperature Yes
Infrared Thermometer Professor Hanzlik Measure temperature Yes
Hot plate Sustainable Energy Lab Heat "hot" side of TE Yes
Cold plate Sustainable Energy Lab Cool "cold" side of TE Yes
DAQ Equipment Sustainable Energy Lab Record data Yes
Various computation resources ME/EE Labs Necessary to model subsystems and prepare presentations Yes

The team members will be expected to procure the materials needed for the project, excluding the following:

Item Source Description Available
TE Modules Sustainable Energy Lab The team has access to any thermoelectric modules Dr. Stevens has available. However, it is not limited to these TE modules. Yes

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